Do you need a Realtor to buy a Pre-Sale Townhome in North Delta?

Posted on Sep 01, 2018

Are you thinking of buying a Pre-Sale Townhome in North Delta?  What should you know when purchasing a Pre-Sale home?  Is it a good idea to buy directly via the Developers Sales Staff or should you contact your Real Estate Agent to represent you?   

Let's start with the PROS of purchasing a Pre-Sale Townhome:

1.  More Affordable. I don't even think this h...

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Easy Summer DIY Projects To Sell Your Home Faster

Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Planning on putting your home on the market this fall or spring? Take a crack at these super simple Do-IT-Yourself projects this summer! They will not only enable you and your realtor, Sukh Brar, to sell your home faster but, possibly at a higher price too! We know what you are thinking, it's almost August! Luckily for you, summer doesn't officiall...

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Real Estate Market Update in North Delta & Surrey, BC (Summer 2018)

Posted on Jul 13, 2018

It seems as though summer holidays just started, but it's already mid July! Crazy how time flies. With that in mind, keep note, August is typically a slow time in the Real Estate Industry. We will take a look at our local neighbourhood for a better understanding. I will try my best to give you a detailed scoop of the current Real Estate Market in N...

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Upgrade from a Condo to a Townhouse!

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

In a real estate market like Vancouver, many couples and families purchase a condo intending to sell and upgrade to a detached home down the road. Unfortunately due to the economic climate, detached homes are becoming less and less affordable for some.
It is three times more costly to buy a detached home in Vancouver than it is to buy a condo...and w...

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How To Sell Your Condo

Posted on May 18, 2018

House Prices are DOWN & Condo Prices are UP!

The real estate market is gradually improving which means condo owners are looking to sell, sell, sell! However, selling your condo for the best possible price isn't as simple as hammering up a sign somewhere. There are a lot of condos out on the market right now and you need to do everything to make your...

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Surrey Parks We Love To Visit

Posted on May 16, 2018 in General

Surrey is known for its beautiful parks.

They vary from manicured city parks like pictured above Holland Park in Central City to natural treed parks with dirt pathways. We love visiting them as often as possible to relax and be active.


Located at 69 Avenue and 123 Street this park features a beautiful salmon stream. Named after the C...

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