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When it comes to selling your North Delta or Surrey Home, there are 3 major components to get your home LISTED to SOLD!  We understand that North Delta and Surrey homeowners want their properties sold for top dollars and within the quickest time frame possible.  When it comes to selling your North Delta or Surrey home we must respect these 3 major components and how each includes several steps and its own process.  Sukh Brar Real Estate Group is here to help you with those challenges.  Below we have provided a quick overview of our unique services we provide that get our North Delta and Surrey homeowners HOMES SOLD faster and for more.   We would love to go through our full services in detail with our clients - call us today 778-896-4003.  


Ensuring all aspects, highlights, and features of the home are considered when establishing the price point that will generate the most traffic of interested and qualified home buyers.  Research, knowledge of the current market and trends all help to establish an accurate price to sell for top dollars.  Experience is fundamental in pricing it right.  Knowing what works and having been there and done that for the past 10 plus years is beneficial for all our clients.  To price a home effectively requires due diligence, strategy and integrity.   
Research the property thoroughly.  Review past and current comparable homes.  Filter information to ensure accuracy of comparisons.  Using sold statistics and days on the market to determine and factor in certain features of comparable properties to gage the correct price range.  Review historical data, city assessments and property details.  

Use our Knowledge of the neighbourhood, market and buyer trends.  Location, zoning, and jurisdictional restrictions or covenants.   We preview similar homes in and around the neighbourhood and we know what's just hit the market and how it compares to your property.  We know the market value for your property and how to price it right to sell for top dollars! 

Pricing your home properly requires Experience.  Take it from someone who sells homes everyday and a team who sells nearly 100 homes in a year.  

Sometimes "experience" is hard to quantify, but in our case, we do have a strategy in place and techniques that work to help our home owners sell their North Delta and Surrey homes faster and for more.  The results are in our sales track record.  


Marketing means having a plan, knowing the steps and stages to execute the plan effectively.  

First, we determine all the selling features and benefits of your property.  

Secondly, we present and
communicate the features and benefits with highly aesthetic media.    
Thirdly, we spread the message across the board!

Preparation is key.  Especially in Real Estate.  Before marketing materials can be distributed and communicated to potential buyers.  We must prepare the home to be showcased in it's best possible light.  
We start by preparing the property for professional photography or videography.  

Online Marketing 
Professional and visually impressive customized property presentations.  These presentations provide a quick overview of the property and its location, ideal in a world where information needs to be expressed quickly and visually to captivate and retain the buyers' interest.  We sponsor ad promote our listing across various high traffic social media platforms. 


Real Estate is not a one size fits all.  Each property will have it's own foot print and will require different attention and methods of salesmanship.  Our team will ensure that we are prepared to price, market and sell the property smoothly and efficiently.   When selling Real Estate it's important to hire the right team to manage the details, efforts and coordination from the day you LIST your property for sale to the day it's officially SOLD.  

Team Effort & Networking 
Selling it right means having all your ducks in a row.  At Sukh Brar Real Estate Group we have a team in place and a team member always ready to handle all the phone calls, internet leads, email coordination, transaction documentation and  following up with showings.  

Negotiation & Closing 
Rest assured and have the ease of mind that you are hiring a skilled professional in negotiating all of your best interests once an offer comes through the door.  Practice makes perfect and we do this for our clients each and everyday.  Negotiation skills require practice and experience both of which your Lead Agent Sukh Brar excels in.  

Excellent Customer Service 
Your neighbours are talking and they have had an awesome experience working with our team.  We have over 20 positive 5 star reviews on our Google Business page.
Read it for yourself click here to read some of our testimonials from past clients.  

For more information and full details about our services and what's included when working with Sukh Brar Real Estate Group call us today @ 778-896-4003.  

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