Mr. Kangura

“I’m very happy to say that I am a l client of Sukh Brar. I am glad to write this recommendation for him. Recently, I had an investment property that I wanted to sell. I listed it with Sukh and within a very short period of time, I received quite a few offers. The funny part of this story is that, initially, I attempted to sell the property on my own. I just wanted to try, but I was unsuccessful with my endeavour… Luckily, I know Sukh and he didn’t disappoint me. With his help in a short period of time, my property was sold – so quickly!! I am very pleased with Sukh’s ability to sell my listing and his professionalism in his work. He has the experience, resources and connections to sell your property. You can list with Sukh and you will have confidence that your property will sell. He is a great Real Estate advisor as well. Thank you again, Sukh Brar! I’m sure we will do more business together in the future!